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I love it. The way you can see the tezture on the Dalek and the TARDIS actually looks like wood. You got all the important things in it too. The bowtie, the Fez, the Mop. Excellent peice, I'm jelous of your talent. I love how you can see the shadows from underfoot, which is something most forget. The colors are amazing, and they matched the episode's perfectly. You can see detail in everything, and I love how giddy Amy looks.

This peice made me remember the scene from "The Big Bang". But, you're missing River Song :(. I think you did awesome. Rory's cloak is evev the right color. Wonderful.
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Gigei Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Thank you for the critique :D!! I really love River but I forgot her in the picture :(
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